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Home Modification for Balance and Coordination Problems

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

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Home Modification for Balance and Coordination Problems

One of our client mother suffered from loss of balance and coordination. She is very unstable

when standing or walking, and thus at risk of falling. Most of the time she will shuffle with the to prevent o the risk of falling. She have difficulty raising or lowering herself from chairs, beds, and toilet.

Issues of balance and coordination is difficult for a person to walk without any assistance. Beds may be too high, chairs and toilet seats too low for her to stand up and sit down easily. There is also a great risk of tripping on carpeting, stairs, or thresholds. Please read more for our suggested modifications.


Maximizing safety is a key strategy for addressing balance and coordination. Lowering or

removing thresholds, putting a skid proof tiling and rags in on the flooring, securing the corners and the edges of area rugs and removing unnecessary floor clutters can diminish the risk of tripping. Installing handrails at the head of the stairs helps in balance stabilization, lessens the chance of an unsteady person falling.

Another key strategy is to accommodate people’s needs. Make furniture and appliances

customized to the users capability and needs. Examples are lowered bed height, raised chairs

and toilet seats for easy use and access.

Providing supports like hand rails and grab bars to stabilize people as they sit down, rise up, and move about is also a good way to address balance and coordination issues. Enhancing vision by lighting the floors or stairway is also helpful. Be sure to put all needed objects near chairs, toilets, and beds to avoid unnecessary standing or reaching.

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