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Los Angeles barrier free roll-in shower universal design and construction

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Los Angeles Barrier Free Roll-In Shower Universal Design And Construction

Bathroom projects are one of our most requested jobs because we use them everyday and so often. Upgrading the bathroom will save us time, frustration and decrease chances of any accidents involving our loved ones. Read more about how a barrier free roll-in shower can help after the jump.

Roll-in showers are designed so the bathers may remain in their wheelchairs and may bathe with or without assistance. A roll-in shower's main feature is a flush threshold curb eliminating a raised dam. Roll-in shower bases are recessed down the floor to accommodate a rolling wheel-chair.

Roll-in shower do not effectively contain water inside the stall and a waterproof membrane installation is necessary under the entire bathroom floor. Tile floor should have no-skid finish and drains must be oversized to facilitate rapid drainage. Storage space should be provided in locations that are convenient for bathers and their attendants.

Curtain are typically installed in roll-in showers because they offer more flexibility and freedom compared to shower doors. One option is a pleated, plastic accordion type door with tapered threshold which can seal water more. A hand-held shower with track is preferable to this kind of setting matched with a single-lever mixing controls are recommended.

Most of these features are implemented in our recent walk-in shower remodeling project in Los Angeles making our customer more independent doing his everyday bathing.

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