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How to control water from coming out of a curbless / walk-in shower stall?

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Most of our clients that convert their conventional shower stall to a curb less or walk-in shower always ask “ how to control water from running thru the whole bathroom if the shower stall has no curb or water dams.

Besides having a good shower floor drainage slope these additional methods can control the

water from coming out of a curb less / walk-in shower.

A. Shower Curtains- Shower curtains are very economical and do not interfere with any

movement or maneuvering by a person using a mobility device. To effectively achieve

water seal, the curtain must be sized to fit the shower floor just inside the entry. Curtains

with small weights sewn into the lower seam help maintain adequate seal and insure that

the curtain is nor flapping out. One alternative to shower curtains are “trackless folding”

shower doors that doesn’t have any frames to be stepped or rolled over.

B. Secondary Drains – It is recommended that an additional drain be installed outside the

shower to catch any water overflow, especially if the shower is narrow.

C. Flexible and Removable Dam- Flexible dams that folds or deflects when rolled over and

removable or portable dams, which can be left in place until a flush transition is needed is

one more option to prevent water from coming out the stall. Flexible dams and removable

dams can be helpful in retrofit situation where floor space for the shower is limited, but

they should always be considered as a backup solution for more efficient water control


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